Paranormal Phenomena

There are so many things that fit under the umbrella of the 'paranormal'. 

I have personally experienced many of them and written about them in my book, 'Weird Is Wonderful'.

Psychic abilities and communicating with those in the world of Spirit are absolutely fascinating but seem scary to some people.

UFOs and alien beings are another hot topic that attract lots of speculation and controversy. Even though I have witnessed many inexplicable sightings myself, in the cold light of day, they still seem hard to believe.

Sightings of ghosts, shadow people and light phenomena also fall within the remit of the paranormal.

Many of these things have an Earthly explanation but when you truly see or sense something out of this world, it takes everything to a whole new level. 

Being intuitive and empathic often makes us more open to experiencing paranormal phenomena. For me, the more subtle aspects of these form part of my everyday life. 

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It's always good to know that there are other people out there witnessing unusual things. Weird is everywhere!