Universal Energy

Universal energy is what all matter is made of. It can be seen shimmering against a blue sky on a sunny day when we soften the focus of our eyes - try it!

Many different cultures and religions have different names and beliefs about Universal energy. To me it is very simple - it is the essence of who we are and connects and permeates us all and everything around us.

The inescapable fact is that we are all one and every individual is an expression of Universal energy in a different form.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I have sought to strengthen my connection with Universal energy and channel its healing properties to help myself and others. It has a wisdom and intelligence all its own and I am eternally grateful and humble to work with this energy.

Our thoughts, feelings and self-expression affect all of those around us because of this energetic connection. We each have our own unique vibrational frequency. The higher and purer our frequency, the better our health and the more positivity we radiate out into the wider world.

When we work on ourselves and raise our vibration through intuitive development and becoming more spiritually aware, we add to raising the vibration of our planet and the Universe beyond. It has a ripple effect. 

This is why changing the world for the better starts with each person taking responsibility for their own well-being and happiness.

Please see my Reiki for Animals page to find out more. My book also covers the concept of Universal energy in greater detail.

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